After Practice

Inspired by @Guwiez

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Go home after practice 🎸 Little color sketch~ #sketch #doodle #drawing

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I'm a huge fan of @guweiz's work, and was particularly taken by his painting "After Practice". Heading into Christmas break 2016, I really wanted to jump into a passion project to keep me on my toes, and I thought back to this painting. This would be a huge undertaking, and would really challenge my creativity and problem solving skills. -- Perfect! I freakin' LOVE a challenge.

I spent about 60 hours in total over the course of three months on my spare time. I was pretty much done with the visuals within a few weeks, and spent the rest of the time adding in little details like exhaust fumes on the cars, the breeze moving through the trees, drips coming off the umbrella, etc. I absolutely loved working on this, and appreciate @guweiz's for painting such inspiring works. Check out Guweiz on: Patreon Facebook Twitter Deviant Art and Instagram


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