Oakley iPad mini Case

Six week solo project

This was one of those projects I was just so stoked to jump on. I was handed the product prototype and told the inspiration of the design is based on the original Oakley B-1B bike grip (which I totally had on my BMX when I was a kid). I started to imagine a double helix constructed by an array of grips, and through a series of cuts we would zoom out and see a droplet of Oakley DNA slowly closing in on an iPad mini. Upon colliding the droplet would rupture in a black and white goo that would coat the iPad and slowly reveal B-1B style design cues. I ran the idea by the guys in marketing and they loved it - except the double helix *tears*. I love the memory of working on this project - it allowed me to get in the seat as the Creative Director, and 3d artist.

The goo that spreads across the iPad was accomplished with Phoenix FD. The popping bubbles were accomplished by starting with a sphere converted to ncloth with tear points, which I then just turned the pressure up until they popped. I alembic cached four different pops, then randomly scattered them across the area you see in the animation. Originally I had a PhoenixFD sim gushing out of each pop that looked amazing, but due to time constraints I had to drop it. The seal coming up through the black goo was done with nparticles with lots of surface tension, converted to polygons, and then a final touch of using SOuP's peak deformer to push the verts in just a tad to give it a more tense look. Freakin' win.


Maya 2013
After Effects
Trapcode Suite
Optical Flares

B-1B Guidance System