Plaintiff Squared Given

Six week solo project

Product spinning around on white gets pretty dull after a while, and we are capable of so much more. When retail came to me with this project I pitched the idea of having the two products have a battle of the sexes air race through abstract clouds. I strongly felt having the eyewear fly through more photorealistic clouds would end up looking really cheesy, and much too literal.. Where's the art in that..? After a bit of experimenting with different methods and looks, I settled on what we have in the final.

This project ended up taking a total of six weeks between look-dev, animation, rendering and compositing. All work was done by myself, and completed and delivered on schedule. A bummer about these projects is sound is rarely a part of the request, and end up getting the silent treatment until a reel is cut together. I'll have to do something about that. ;)


Maya 2013
After Effects
Trapcode Suite
Optical Flares